Praise for KYMIERA

“Kymiera, a coming of age tale in a dark corrupt, crumbling world, offers much more than an idealistic, determine young heroine, but an array of extremely complex and well developed characters.”

“Starting from the dedication to Joss Whedon, my expectations were high, and fulfilled.”

“It leaves you cheering for the good guys and hating the bad guys.”

“A scary look at what could happen in our not so distant future if society goes unchecked.”

“Excellent! A gripping dystopian future world.”

“It has that feeling of binge-watching a [TV] show over a weekend.”

“Action-packed and well-plotted, with shifting points of view, this is a real page turner.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the episode style of book but I thought it was brilliant.”

“This story that begins with Chloe Dark is so suspenseful and on the edge-of-your-seats read that keeps you reading page after page and I felt like I was watching an episode and therefore couldn’t stop.”

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